Quality Improvement Training – Silver


In A Nutshell:

Silver level training includes a 1-day core session, plus a range of optional in-depth sessions around the practical application of quality improvement methods.

Core Silver Training

For several years the IA has offered a 1-day silver training day. The content of the day has altered over time and to suit different audiences, but now focuses on the very practical application of the ‘Model for Improvement’ to an improvement scenario. Attendance is contingent on completion of the Bronze Level online training and all trainees receive a certificate of attendance. The aim of the day is to equip trainees with the basic knowledge and skills to begin to use the Model themselves – either individually or in teams – to bring about service improvement.

Our course trainers:

Dr John Bibby – Quality Advisor, Improvement Academy

Maureen McGeorge – Quality Improvement Advisor, Improvement Academy

Feedback from previous courses:

“Adaptable to practice and beneficial to provide structute to making changes to practice. The course was helpful to empower my own ideas for change.” – Practice Development Practitioner who attended the Silver Quality Improvement Training Day in Leeds on 10th September 2019.

“Right pace and amount of time spent looking at each ‘subject’. It was useful to work through the QI process.” – Clinical Leadership Fellow who attended the Silver Quality Improvement Training Day in Leeds on 10th September 2019.

Click here to see case studies from people who have previously attended this course.

NOTE: To register for the Silver Quality Improvement course, participants must have previously have completed the Bronze online training.

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"Attending the Silver QI Training really helped me to understand how to start to manage effective delivery of the work and also how to better evaluate the delivery which in turn led to changes to the work programme."

Helen Degnan, Project Nurse at Vale of York CCG