Medicine Safety Improvement Programme


In A Nutshell:

The Medicines Safety Improvement Programme (MedSIP) aims to reduce severe avoidable medication-related harm by 50% by 2024. This is in line with the third WHO Global Patient Safety Challenge: Medication Without Harm.

The main focus of the programme this coming year relates to Improving chronic non-cancer pain management by reducing high-risk opioid prescribing.

In support of this, we are:

  • Scoping current improvement work in this field.
  • Learning from good practice.
  • Understanding the barriers and enablers needed to drive this improvement forward.
  • Where appropriate to support bespoke projects using tried and tested quality improvement tools to test improvements in practice.
  • We plan on supporting a community of practice focussing on Opioids reduction involving key stakeholders and linking to our Safety Improvement Networks.


Our learning from this work will be shared both across the region via the community of practice and also link into existing networks working in this area such as Medicines Safety leads, medicines optimisation groups and the Safety Improvement network (once established).

who we are working with

The AHSN Network
Office for Health Improvement & Disparities

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Contact Information

Gemma Wright – Patient Safety Lead

Mel Johnson – Programme Manager

"The whole ward team have really embraced the safety huddle concept. We have reached the milestone of 30 days without a fall today"

Dr Alan Hart-Thomas, Clinical Director