Dr Kristian Hudson

Implementation Specialist

Kristian Hudson- Implementation Specialist

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Kristian initially became interested in implementation science while completing a Master’s degree in health psychology. His previous experiences as an assistant psychologist within the NHS meant he had experienced implementation difficulties first-hand. He went on to obtain a PhD with a focus on implementation science. For his Doctoral thesis, Kristian worked within a steering group responsible for implementing mindfulness across 320 schools in Cumbria. Kristian shared implementation knowledge with the project steering group, examined their ability to act as an implementation team, interviewed schools in regards to the barriers and facilitators to implementation, and created an implementation framework for school leaders to use when implementing mindfulness.

Kristian is now working within the Improvement Academy to provide implementation support to the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Yorkshire and Humber (YHARC). He has extensive knowledge in the application of implementation frameworks to plan for, guide and evaluate the implementation of public health programs. Kristian is particularly interested in working with healthcare professionals, researchers and policy makers to generate action orientated knowledge in order to close the gap between research and practice.

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Our partnerships are centred in the Yorkshire and Humber region but extend nationally. We are continuously developing our partnerships and relationships with health and care organisations.