Dr John Bibby

Quality Improvement Associate

Dr. John Bibby - Quality Improvement Associate

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John was one of the founding associate partners of the Improvement Academy. He developed the Improvement Academy ‘silver’ one-day QI training workshops, the ‘gold’ ‘train the trainer’ programme, and he supported the initiation of an Improvement Academy Quality Improvement Training Network (QITN), which provides continuing professional development for QI trainers who have received ‘gold’ training. John currently delivers QI training for a range of partners and mentoring and wellbeing programmes for Yor Local Medical Committee (YORLMC).

John was a GP at Windhill Green Medical Practice in Shipley and Baildon for over 30 years, and is involved in appraisal and revalidation of Doctors across various health sectors, including Trust Medical Directors.

John has wide experience of helping professionals to adopt best practice and has taught improvement techniques to leaders in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

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Our partnerships are centred in the Yorkshire and Humber region but extend nationally. We are continuously developing our partnerships and relationships with health and care organisations.